Stomach Botox

Gastric Botox is a procedure that reduces weight and makes you feel full for longer periods than before.

Botox is a naturally made substance, when the doctor injects the stomach into its walls, it plays a role in the flatness of its walls and paralyzes them permanently,
which causes food to reach the intestines slowly and food stays in the stomach for a longer period, and therefore the amount of food consumed becomes less and calories are less and the body He loses weight well.

Steps to perform Botox for stomach

Gastric Botox is the best non-surgical method for losing weight and for those who are not suitable for obesity surgery, and it is performed through the following

First, the patient must arrive at the clinic on an empty stomach.

Then he is subjected to local anesthesia by the anesthesiologist, a procedure that is not accompanied by pain.

Botulinum toxin is injected into the stomach outlet endoscopically.

This slows down the pumping section of the stomach, and food moves from the stomach to the small intestine slowly, and it is possible to increase satiety and consume less food.

Is anesthesia done for the operation?

  • In order to avoid vomiting and not feeling pain, the doctor sprays some anesthetic into the throat so that he does not feel when inserting the endoscope and
    touching the organs, but the doctor does not perform any kind of anesthesia, whether it is general or local.

How long is the operation?

  • The doctor’s speed is one of the high indicators that he has done a lot of experiments. The duration of the operation for a doctor who did a lot of experiments is
    about an hour or less because of sleight of hand. To get a good result, you must follow a diet in addition to sports. Final results are obtained after about a year,
    and then bye-bye to the body Obese and overweight and welcome slim weight and beautiful body.

Who are the candidates for stomach botox?

  • Those who have tried many solutions to lose weight and have not been able to get rid of it.
  • People who have an open appetite for food and cannot control it.
  • Everyone who suffers from complications of obesity.

Where is Botox injected?

  • When Botox is injected into the upper part of the stomach that separates the appetite hormone, the segregation in ghrelin and appetite decreases.
  • Studies have shown that 70% of those who received two injections 6 months apart lost 15-20% of their weight after one year.

Post Botox Stomach

  • For the Botox process to be successful and lose more than 40% or more of the weight in 6 months, the patient must follow their own diet program by a special
  • These programs are generally changed once every two weeks or weekly.

Is Gastric Botox a safe procedure?

There are no serious side effects, but after the operation, side effects such as nausea, indigestion and bloating are rarely seen. They are all temporary.

Also, as we mentioned, the doctor’s experience has an effect in terms of injecting a dose of Botox bacteria into the stomach from Botox because high doses of bacteria lead to paralysis, and a low dose of bacteria will reduce the success rate.

Patients with a body mass of between 28 and 40 and those who suffer from mild obesity are the people who are recommended to under go Gastric Botox.

There are no wound dressings because it is a procedure that does not require surgical incisions.

Live a normal life immediately after the injection.

Compared with other obesity surgeries, it is considered a safe procedure, its potential complications are very simple because the patient does not need general anesthesia during the injection, and the patient does not need to spend the night in the hospital after the operation, he can resume his normal life and resume work immediately.

Botox side effects

The materials used in the surgery completely leave the body, it does not result in serious symptoms because it is an easy process, and the gastric botox procedure is a simple non-surgical matter.

After the operation, following a special diet is something that must be done, and the gastric injection may fail in the event of heavy food intake because the stomach muscles are limited.

The person who is going to undergo this procedure must undergo certain tests to ensure that the Botox injection will not cause an allergic reaction or side effects.