Stomach Balloon

The gastric balloon is one of the operations that has achieved widespread and great success in the field of surgery and plastic surgery, as this operation  helps in obtaining a slim weight by reducing food and not feeling hungry.

What is a stomach balloon?

  • Take medical advice from a qualified doctor; The doctor asks for some analyzes of the scalp, tissues and the general condition of the body.
  • The balloon is delivered to the stomach by a medical endoscope, and it is also removed in the same way.
  • What are the types of stomach balloon?
  • There are many types of balloon, some of which are filled with liquid solutions and others are inflated with gas or air.

Fluid Balloon

  • Determining the damaged area to be transplanted, i.e. the receiving area for hair transplantation.
  • Spatz balloon, a type that the doctor can modify.
  • Built-in dual-type balloon system (Reship).
  • Low blood sugar.

Air Balloon

  • Balloon of the type opalon ( opalon ) .
  • Heliospheric balloon (heliosphere).

Gastric Balloon Features

  • One of the most prominent advantages is that the person can get rid of approximately 15% of his weight after six months of doing this procedure,
  • It helps to lose 30-40% of the total weight.
  • These features can be summarized as:

The insertion of the balloon does not require a surgical procedure.

  • It is one of the quick and easy procedures.
  • Very fast in losing weight when compared to exercise and diets.
  • Helps reduce appetite and also not feel any kind of hunger.

Gastric Balloon Operation Conditions

  • Balloon of the type opalon ( opalon ) .
  • Not having performed any surgery in the stomach or esophagus before.
  • Not everyone who is overweight is a candidate for balloon surgery.

There are some side effects such as vomiting, feeling sick and acidity, which are among the symptoms that may occur after any surgical procedure.

When there is any change in the color of urine to green or blue, this indicates the presence of a leak, and you must go to the doctor immediately to remove the balloon and withdraw it before it is slipped into the stomach.

One of the fastest operations and solutions to get rid of obesity, as after 30 minutes the process is over.

A sense of imbalance.

The presence of pain in the back or abdomen.

The rupture of the balloon inside the stomach.

Difficulty in digestion.

During the insertion of the balloon or its removal, some injuries may occur.

The doctor gives the person a light sedation.

Inserting the balloon through the endoscope from the throat down to the stomach.

Inflate or fill the balloon as appropriate.

Withdraw the endoscope and take it out, thus the operation is completed.

Tips and instructions after the balloon operation

Staying in the hospital one day after the operation to check on the patient’s health and general condition.

After the operation is completed, small amounts of fluids should be taken after 6 hours after the operation.

You must adhere to a healthy diet after the gastric balloon operation, according to the nutritional program written by the doctor after the operation. By relying upon on liquids in the first stage, then soft and mashed foods, and then starting to eat solid food.

Food should be eaten slowly and chewed well after the gastric balloon operation.

After the operation, the patient may feel heartburn and stomach bloating, so you should stop eating if you feel heartburn while eating.

It is recommended to elevate the upper body during sleep to relieve discomfort while lying down.

It is necessary to do some light exercise after the operation.

Avoid smoking after the operation, especially while eating.

Avoid consuming high-calorie drinks (such as sugary drinks and alcohol) and soft, high-calorie foods (such as chocolate, cream, and ice cream) and others.

The vitamins prescribed by the doctor must be taken regularly to compensate for the deficiency.

It should be noted that the process limits the amount of food in the stomach, but the person is still in control of the amount that he puts in the mouth, so the diet must be strictly adhered to.

Gastric balloon surgery results in Turkey


  • After doing research and studies on a sample of obese people, they underwent the balloon procedure, where some of them lost about 7% of their weight in a very short period and those who did not put the balloon lost only 3%.
  • And after about two years of the operation, it was found that the people subjected to the balloon lost 25% of the weight.
  • Some statistics showed that some patients undergoing the balloon lost 33% of their weight.
  • The success rate of the operation in Turkey
  • It is one of the operations that helped in losing weight and achieved great success and wide fame, as the patient loses about 10% of his weight 6 months after the
  • What is the method of balloon removal?
  • With a medical endoscope, the balloon is withdrawn from the mouth after it is inserted through the mouth.
  • The case is anesthetized by a sedative that helps to relax so that the doctor can remove without feeling anything.
  • The balloon is emptied of the material that was inside it.
  • The balloon is emptied of the material that was inside it.
  • The balloon is usually removed after six months or as determined by the doctor and the person after knowing what weight he wants to reach.