Smart Balloon

The smart balloon, to get an ideal weight, you should try, trusting the non-surgical work is a suitable solution for you.

What is Smart Baloon?

It is one of the operations that the patient trusts greatly because it does not require surgical work, it is used to reduce the great appetite and reduce the food consumed significantly, it helps a lot in reducing weight, as it is one of the modern methods that have received a lot of the masses.

It is a procedure also known as the smart capsule or programmed slimming capsule, because it resembles a small capsule a pill.

The difference between a smart and traditional balloon.

This type has a lot of success because of its simple method, unlike the traditional method, which is a process that must be anesthetized before it is inserted through the endoscope and removed with the endoscope.

As for the smart one, it is much easier, as the patient has to swallow it and does not need an operating room, most of the time the operation is done in the clinic of the specialist doctor.

Steps to perform the smart balloon operation

  • The doctor gives the patient a balloon in the form of a capsule, like a medicine capsule.
  • Leakage in the stomach called early infusion.
  • The capsule cover is removed as soon as it reaches the stomach and it swells.
  • The doctor prepares about 500 ml of solution to fill the balloon.

The advantages of the smart balloon

  • Ease, so all patients want it.
  • A modern method without surgery.
  • Achieving an ideal weight without endoscopy or anesthesia.
  • No bad results after taking out the capsule.
  • Short recovery time.
  • The duration of the operation is short.

Pre-operative smart balloon stage

  • Go to the doctor and find out how this capsule works.
  • The doctor explains the types and what size the capsule will occupy.
  • The doctor informs the person of the expected results.

In accordance with the case for the amount of weight that will be lost, the period of stay of the smart capsule in the stomach is determined.

This balloon is removed endoscopically.

Follow the diets that are put forward by the supervising doctor.

Exercising to get rid of sagging during weight loss and tighten loose skin.

Follow up with the doctor and report any changes.

After the operation, the reduction of food and calories and a significant loss in weight will be a radical change in the body, as it will lose about 80% of its excess weight, and therefore there will be sagging skin in many areas. A tightening process, and then you will get a very attractive and beautiful body.