Diabetic Diversion

Diversion of diabetes patients is one of the most prominent solutions to get rid of the symptoms of obesity and eliminate diabetes.

What is Diabetic Diversion?

Diabetes is classified as a chronic disease on which a lot of research is based to reduce it and its symptoms, as this process is important for diabetic patients, as it helps the patient to eliminate it.

Because it is a process that leads to a significant reduction in weight, which reduces the symptoms caused by the disease, it is a process that many patients with diabetes resort to.

Steps of the rerouting process

The mechanism of the bypass process depends on a method, the endoscope, and on many advanced tools, where the doctor then divides the stomach into two parts and connects a part of it to the third section of the intestine. And, after a while, gain ideal weight.

The calories from the food consumed are much less than before.

The rate of food absorption in the stomach is less than it was.

The size of the stomach is smaller than before and this has a lot of benefits for diabetics.

The blood sugar level becomes lower because the food eaten is less absorbed.

Weight loss makes insulin receptors stimulate the secretion of the hormone, which leads to its return to its normal values.

The stomach becomes in a very good position, so it controls the sugar level.

Getting rid of any medication that regulates diabetes in the blood because it is not needed.

There is a high probability that the patient will recover from diabetes.

After 45 days of the surgery, he can return to life normally, to ensure that the wound and tissues are healed, and to ensure that his wife does not have any kind of genital infections.

The success rate of stent implantation exceeds 97%, but there are cases among the remaining 3% that fail for the following reasons:

The stent comes out of the penis.

Urinary tract infection is treatable.

Bacterial infections that cause the body to spit out the stent.