FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant has proven its success in solving the problem of hair loss, especially the problem of genetic baldness, after undergoing surgery even without experiencing any possible complications or pain.

Hair transplant with the FUE technique or FUE technique is one of the most modern techniques used in the hair transplant process in Turkey, as well as it gives great results in obtaining natural and rich hair, according to what the NCBI website conducted on FUE hair transplantation.The technique depends on the doctor picking up hair follicles from the area with thick hair in the scalp (which is called the donor area) and implanting them in the area where the hair is to be transplanted.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia in both the “donor and balding” areas and does not require any wounds or sutures to the head so that the
the patient is discharged after the transplant without scars or pain.

What is a Cometc Dentistry?

The patient’s hair is completely shaved, and there are cases without the need to shave, then the scalp is well sterilized and cleansed, and the scalp is numbed with local anesthesia to avoid the patient feeling pain.

After performing the stage of collecting and extracting the follicles, the follicles must be kept in a solution that is used to preserve the body’s organs in the transfer process. This solution helps to keep the follicles in a healthy and healthy state ready for transplantation and growth after the operation.

The donor gonorrhoea should be abundant with hair (2.2 hairs per square mm).

The removed follicles should be able to grow.

The short answer is, yes, the transplanted hair is 100% real and natural.

The doctor, by means of the micromotor, extracts the follicles from the abundant area called the donor area. This step must be done carefully to ensure that the excised follicles and the surrounding follicles are not damaged, for a successful natural transplant.

Through the newly discovered Choi pens, the doctor opens the channels in the DHI technique, and after opening the channels, the doctor implants immediately and during only one stage. In the FUE SAPPHIRE technique, the channels are opened for implantation through the use of pens made of pointed and sharp
Sapphire stone, where This pen performs the opening phase without injuring the follicles or leaving a trace, for the purpose of cultivating the follicles in them.

There is no doubt that hair transplantation is able to help the cases by restoring their abundant hair, improving the external appearance and restoring youth.

Those who have an injury to the scalp that has led to hair loss.

Those who suffer from the problem of thinning hair.

Those who suffer from partial hair loss in certain areas.

If the donor area behind the head is weak, the success rate of the operation cannot be high, as if the hair density is 1.3 square mm, it is considered a non-candidate donor area for the removal and transplantation of follicles.

Cultivation stage

The doctor places the previously extracted follicles in the open channels. This stage must be carried out by the doctor with great care and skill to obtain the beautiful natural shape of the hair and ensure its abundance and growth.


What is the reason for the donor area to be ineligible for hair transplantation?

The ability of the donor area to generate or give a sufficient number of follicles, and also that the hair is light and not thick in the donor area.

When will the result of the operation appear?

  • The follicles begin to fall out, which is normal after about two to three weeks.
  • This is considered a natural matter, because the hair or follicles that have been implanted begin to grow again, and this is done after eight months to a full year.

The duration of the hair transplant process

  • It takes about four hours on average and may reach more than that, to reach approximately eight hours, in addition to the reasons that lead to the occurrence of cultivation on more than one session to ensure that all areas in need are covered.

What is the success rate of hair transplantation in Turkey?

  • Hair transplant operations are very popular among people who have lost their natural hair, due to the high success rate of this procedure, as among the operations that are carried out annually, the success rate of hair transplantation is between 89 and 95%.