Hollywood smile everyone wants it Do you have any information about it? How is it done? Are there risks and what are the advantages? In the previous period, questionnaires were reached indicating that people are more interested in the beauty of their teeth than before, because of seeing what celebrities do and try to imitate them in the shape of their smile.

What is a Hollywood smile?

It is a procedure that beautifies the teeth and makes them white by placing veneers, these crusts are placed and installed on the tooth from the front side.

Veneers can be controlled, that is, they can be formed in proportion to the person’s desire, where the degree of white color, length and size can be controlled.

These peels aim to change the person’s appearance and make him gain confidence by having a beautiful white smile.

What is a veneer?

Veneers are crusts made of certain materials, and porcelain is used most of the time because porcelain resists the pigmentation that will occur to the teeth,
as it gives a natural appearance to the person.

The reason for doing a Hollywood smile

  • It is true that the installation of this smile is a cosmetic procedure, but there are those who do it for other purposes, that is, to treat problems that the teeth are
    exposed to, such as:
  • Those who have a problem with the consistency of the teeth in terms of color, size, as well as length, and treat the deviation that affects the teeth.
  • It also helps to solve the problem of spaces between the teeth.
  • In the event that one of the teeth changes color as a result of cosmetic fillings.
  • The presence of pigmentation and spots on the front tooth layer.

How to get a Hollywood smile

  • How to get a Hollywood smile can be summarized in three stages:
  • The first stage is for the person to go to a specialist doctor for examination and advice.
  • The second stage is to know the size and color of the new teeth to be manufactured.
  • The third stage is the installation of veneers and obtaining a Hollywood smile.

Steps to prepare and install a Hollywood smile

  • Through the Kyorista Center, we introduce you to the steps and how to prepare and install a Hollywood smile.

The doctor's diagnosis of the condition of the teeth

  • The doctor examines the teeth to determine the consistency that will be between the teeth and the crusts, gives advice to the person, and informs him of the

Preparing for the installation of the crusts

  • The first steps After taking measurements of the scales, the doctor cools a layer of tooth enamel by about 0.5 mm, and then the person must wait for a maximum of two weeks to finish manufacturing the scales that will be installed.

Experiment and installation of crusts

The doctor must place and install these veneers to test them so that in case the veneers do not match the teeth, he can make them suitable and in the required
manner. Cleaning the natural teeth to install the crusts and then using light waves to install these crusts.

After a period of two weeks, it is recommended to go and go to the doctor again to ensure the stability of the crusts and not to have an adverse reaction to the
person’s gums and their safety.

We review with you the most prominent advantages of doing a Hollywood smile:

The person has a normal appearance of the teeth.

These crusts do not get pigmented, as the material manufactured by these crusts resists stains and maintains the degree of white color.

One of the advantages of this smile is that it helps in solving some dental problems, and not only cosmetically.

Hollywood smile is known as the installation of crusts, also known as veneers, and it has different degrees in the intensity of the brightness of the white color, and
colors are available that are closer to the color of natural teeth, and one of the most important things is that the degree or intensity of the color is not affected by
spots and pigmentation, because the crusts are Made of porcelain, which in turn is resistant to pigmentation.

It must be understood that there are several factors that determine the intensity and degree of color, which are:

The skin color of the person.

The consistency of the color that will be installed with the color of the gums.

The degree of white color in the eyes cannot be neglected.

All this is discussed by the person with the doctor who will install the Hollywood smile.

As there is nothing known as the best color for a Hollywood smile, and it is true that the right choice to obtain a natural appearance is made based on the factors

The results are normal.

Resistant to stains.

Correct all problems and repair damaged teeth.

Suffering from the layers of the teeth.

Suitable for eating and cutting.

Lumineer is a thin layer with a thickness of 0.3 mm, the thickness of contact lenses is made of porcelain.

It is characterized by great durability and resistance and lasts for many years. You do not need more than two treatment sessions for your doctor.

You may experience peeling of the crust after a period of treatment.

The transparency of the layer may show a dark tooth underneath instead of being white.

It is considered strong and relatively durable.

The removal of a layer of enamel depends on the thickness of the zirconium crust.

It looks natural and keeps its result as long as you take care of it.

Somewhat harmless to gums.

It can be easily repaired if it is cracked or broken.

It does not require many treatment sessions, only one visit and does not require temporary restorations.

Less expensive than porcelain veneer.

Many people seek to get a flawless white smile and pay more than thousands of dollars for any of the procedures (orthodontics, teeth whitening, and cosmetic fillings), mixing between the concept of dental lenses and Hollywood smiles, so they should know that the Hollywood smile procedure depends entirely on the veneer.

These peels must be changed after their expiration date, as most of them range from 5 to 10 years.

Maintaining dental and oral care by using floss and brushing, as well as using mouthwash.

The peels that are manufactured to make them are resistant to pigmentation, but it is recommended to limit the excessive consumption of coffee and tea, as they cause some stains.

It is not possible to get rid of these crusts and the person to return to his previous appearance due to the coldness of the natural teeth.

In the event of fractures of the crusts, they cannot be repaired, but must be replaced.

Due to the removal of the enamel layer from the tooth, some people develop allergies when consuming drinks and foods, provided that they switch from hot to cold.

The degree of white color and intensity of luminance must be carefully chosen because of the difficulty of changing the color of the crusts after their manufacture.

It is possible that these scales will fall due to practices such as: opening cans using the teeth, biting on hard objects, biting nails when feeling stressed, and other
practices that put pressure on the scales.

Depending on the purpose of the Hollywood smile, the intensity of the white color is determined, meaning that the installation is to obtain a smile with a bright and bright appearance, or the natural and bright appearance.

The age factor and what suits it should be taken into consideration, as it is recommended to choose a color tone that is closer to natural.

Before choosing a color for a Hollywood smile, discuss it with the doctor, and tell him about your desires.

Many people prefer the natural color. As a result, the doctor gives an opinion on choosing a color tone that is only one or two lighter.


Dental veneers

Dental veneers are the layer that is attached to the front part of the tooth.

Able to hide all tooth defects Made of porcelain It is characterized by being a little thick, its thickness ranges between 0.5 mm and 2 mm.

This procedure requires the doctor to cool down the enamel to make room for the crust.

It may also require an anesthetic or anesthetic injection to reduce pain during treatment.

Porcelain veneers are the strongest types of veneers, but they are difficult to repair, and this requires reshaping the teeth in the event of a problem.

Durable and strong.

The doctor does not need to cool the enamel of the tooth, thus preserving the enamel of the tooth.

With almost natural results.

Also has a suitable color for pigmentation.

Zirconium veneers have chemical properties similar to titanium that give teeth their durability and strength.

Also, zirconium veneers reflect light, so their results are similar to natural teeth.

The first inorganic materials used in the composite resin are the filling material, while the bonding material used in making the veneers is the same as the colored dental fillings.

Less durable and more susceptible to stains over time than porcelain veneer.

It does not last as long as the porcelain veneer.

The structure of the veneer is the basic shape that the doctor relies on in the Hollywood smile procedure.

Also, the options for a Hollywood smile vary depending on the cost and what suits the shape and color of the teeth.