Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is classified as cosmetic surgery in general, as it also aims to improve the appearance of your mouth and teeth.Who among us does not like to have a beautiful and attractive smile, as the mouth is the most noticeable thing a person notices when talking to you, and why not, you talk and smile, and perhaps laugh, for the teeth are the only interface that a person sees.

What is a Cometc Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is called “cosmetic dentistry”, which aims to make a positive change by “improving distorted, broken or uneven teeth or replacing missing teeth” in your teeth and smile, and maintaining that beautiful smile for life.

It has become easy to get long-lasting dental treatments. Today’s dentists use techniques such as lasers for cosmetic treatments. These modern techniques have facilitated for many people the speed of recovery and obtaining positive and long-term results.

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Teeth whitening cosmetic procedures work to whiten your teeth that may be distorted or discolored, and teeth whitening is one of the most important and most popular dental cosmetic procedures, as it is a quick method that gives you positive results in record time.

As for the duration of the operation, it takes one hour and can be performed in the doctor’s office or in the beauty center.


Erosed Enamel: Enamel naturally wears down over time.

Tooth erosion: It occurs with age.

Teeth spacing: may be heredity and widen over time.

Uneven teeth.

Crowns are sometimes referred to as “caps” and are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly, after being molded by a dentist.

They are made of acrylic or porcelain that is fused to the metal to withstand the pressure of biting and there are many options available for these crowns, you can choose the most appropriate and appropriate for your case.

By linking here, we mean attaching certain materials to the tooth, and this method is used to repair the appearance of scattered teeth, and they have large spaces between each other, or to repair broken or frayed teeth.

It is worth mentioning here, that dentists use tooth-colored composite materials “white or natural-looking” to fill cavities or spaces between teeth, repair cracks, fill gaps between your teeth and build worn edges.

Dentures are an excellent option for those who have lost all or some of their teeth. It was important to install dentures to avoid exposure to gum disease, tooth decay, or painful injuries. The effect of losing teeth limits one’s ability to chew properly and distorts the appearance of the face “flabby face” which makes one appear older than he is.

You should consult a doctor in the first stage to assess the condition of your teeth, examine the gums, and determine the extent of support for the bone structure in order to determine a suitable treatment plan for you.

In some cases, the doctor performs the first correction by performing oral surgery to stabilize the dentures, and in some cases, the dentist gets rid of the remaining teeth to replace them entirely with a new denture immediately, after appropriate sizes are made for your mouth and gums.

It is known as dental veneers, as it consists of a veneer made of porcelain or tooth-colored composite materials, which supports crooked teeth, colored teeth, or
broken teeth, including worn tooth enamel, as well as dental veneers to cover the spaces between your teeth.

It is a root made of metal that is implanted in the jaw bones in order for the new tooth to be installed on it, and it is a permanent and not temporary procedure.

For eroded, decayed or broken teeth.

Teeth with large fillings.

To cover the spaces between the teeth.

Restoration of the functions of the tooth with excessive caries.

Replace the pre-existing crown.

Dental bridges in Turkey

The bridge method was created to treat missing teeth that may negatively affect your smile, potentially cause temporomandibular joint disorder, or speech impediments, increase the risk of gum disease and eventually tooth decay.

The process of bridges is somewhat similar to dental implants in terms of replacing missing teeth, and bridge operations have many types of fixed teeth:


Traditional fixed teeth: It requires shaping the teeth surrounding the traditional teeth, and then placing the crowns on the teeth on the former, and then they are attached to the artificial teeth. Resin: It is used to replace the front teeth, provided that the gums are healthy and the surrounding teeth do not contain wide dental fillings.