Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is subject to individuals when some places in our body do not respond to diets and exercise.

What is a vaser device?

It is a device that depends mainly on ultrasound, and its task is to withdraw fat from a specific area of the body without leaving any damage to the body tissues from which it was withdrawn.It can be re-injected into a different area of the body to make it more visible and fuller, as it is possible to take advantage of the fat in the abdomen when injected into the back or chest to obtain a more harmonious shape and a beautiful look.

Vaser Liposuction

Target group for Vaser liposuction

Most of the people who perform this cosmetic procedure do not suffer from severe obesity, but they have areas
that are very full of fat and they want to remove that fat.
This process is not restricted to women only, but it is available to both men and women, and it is possible to
apply the technique to any area of the body. Women may want to apply the technique to the arms, waist,
legs and abdomen, and men want to liposuction from the breast, abdomen and arms.

Vaser liposuction method

The first step begins when a Vaser needle is inserted into the tissues under the skin. The ultrasound device is placed, which dissolves the fat and converts it from a solid state to a liquid state, and then it is suctioned with the needle outside the body, where the suctioned fat is re-injected into another area the body. The body highlights its beauty, and this depends on the skill of the doctor in performing the operation.

Result of vaser liposuction?

Since this procedure does not target obese people, so the amount of fat is low, it may take three weeks to see results.

Vaser Features

  • Very accurate as it shows the six muscles in the abdomen in men.
  • The waist is more prominent in women.
  • People who have been exhausted by diets and sports gain the body they want without getting tired.
  • There is no pain, as in the surgical method of liposuction.
  • The fat that was suctioned can be used by re-injecting it into another area.
  • Works to remove fat and tighten the skin together.