Gynecomastia for Men

The man was encouraged to perform cosmetic operations related to the breasts after seeing the results obtained by women from breast plastic surgery. The percentage of women’s demand for plastic operations reached 86.2%, or 20,362,655 cosmetic operations were performed for women all over the world.

That is why the man also made his decision to engage in plastic surgery related to breast reduction. Male breast reduction is performed to reduce protruding and
exaggerated nipples, using liposuction and/or surgically removing excess glandular tissue. It is possible for the patient to be completely anesthetized or to use local

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The cause of gynecomastia in men

  • The growth of tissue or mass in the breast area that affects one breast, both breasts in males, the most important causes are hormonal imbalance or excessive obesity that increases the growth of estrogen levels and causes the growth of breast tissue.

Types of gynecomastia for men

  • Gynecomastia due to obesity.
  • As a result of weight gain and the formation of fat cells, it leads to the appearance of gynecomastia and an increase in its size.

Fatty gynecomastia.

  • Also known as false gynecomastia, it is caused by the formation of fat cells.

Fibrous gynecomastia.

  • It results from an imbalance in the tissues in the vicinity of the breast area.

Candidates for Gynecomastia Removal

  • Men for whom alternative medical treatments have failed to modify their appearance.
  • Healthy men who do not have a chronic disease.
  • Also, men of normal weight and stable breast growth.

The steps of the process of removing gynecomastia for men

  • There are two methods, either or two, to get rid of gynecomastia, which is either by traditional surgery or by using liposuction technique.
  • For liposuction, it is as follows:
  • Insertion of a thin hollow tube, through several small incisions called a cannula.
  • Then the cannula is constantly moved in a back and forth motion to get rid of excess fat.
  • Then liposuction from the body through vacuum suction.

A surgical procedure that removes breast tissue or excess skin to correct gynecomastia, which is necessary when the areola is reduced or the nipple returns to its more natural surroundings.

  • The results can be considered immediate, after the swelling subsides and the incision lines disappear, you will find the appearance you desire:
  • Removal of excess fatty tissue.
  • Reposition the nipples to their natural structure.
  • Gynecomastia surgery for men is one of the safest operations that gives an immediate result that satisfies the patient and restores his self-confidence, but it is very important that the operation be performed by a skilled surgeon in order to guarantee you a quick and lasting success.
  • Male breast reduction surgery usually takes between an hour or an hour and a half to three hours.
  • These symptoms first feel the presence of a soft mass below the nipples area, and it is very sensitive when touched, which causes a feeling of pain for the man, and it is not required that a person have this mass in the breasts, but rather one breast without the other, and the symptoms can be divided into two types, which are rare and common symptoms .
  • Noticeable increase in breast size.
  • Feeling of pain when touching the breasts.
  • A lump forms in the breast that causes pain.
  • Feeling of moving rubber-like lumps in the breast.
  • The nipple secretes blood.
  • When one of these symptoms appears, the man must go to the doctors, as they indicate the presence of a critical condition to prevent aggravation.
  • The men’s corset works on contracting and shaping the skin in a natural way, returning the skin surrounding the breast and sticking to the muscles and body tissues.
  • The men’s corset helps reduce the appearance of swellings that affect the vicinity of the breast area, as it works to press hard on the skin.
  • The corset works to absorb a lot of fluids that the body sends to the breast area to complete the healing of the tissues that were removed during the operation.
  • One of the most prominent benefits of wearing a corset is to protect the surgical incisions from infection or some infections, in addition to gauze and cotton that help in symmetry to heal faster.
  • From a month to a month and a half is the duration of wearing the corset, which is also the average recovery period.
  • In the first week and since the operation, the person wears this corset for a full 24 hours throughout the day.
  • In the second week, the time to wear the corset is reduced from 24 hours to 18.

  • On the first and second day, the person should not take a shower.
  • On the third day, the body is wiped with wet towels only, but a full shower can be done.
  • It can be said that after ten days it is possible to take a shower, unless the doctor decides otherwise according to each case.
  • The patient is likely to return to work within seven days, while strenuous activities can be resumed after two to three weeks. Swelling and bruising will disappear after
    three to six months.
  • The most prominent instructions after the process of getting rid of gynecomastia.
  • Taking medicines that reduce the symptoms of nausea associated with men.
  • The man is given analgesic medication for the first three days after the operation.
  • Prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.
  • Drinking fluids and water to replace the fluids that have been eliminated from the body.
  • Avoid salt and sodium, which cause fluid retention in the body.
  • Maintain general health and sleep for at least 8 hours.
  • It is recommended to take a light walk in the room to prevent blood clots.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
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