PPM . Flexible Prop

The PPM flexible prop increases the hardness of the erection of the penis and the practice of the marital relationship with the time and number determined by the man.

What is the penis stent?

The stent is two cylinders to increase the rigidity of the penis, and it cannot be noticed after implanting it, because it is implanted inside the two cavernous bodies covered with the skin of the penis.

These stents do not touch the nerves that transmit a sense of sexual pleasure, meaning that they do not affect the feeling and pleasure during intercourse.The male stent works to maintain an erection for the duration that a person desires.

It is also called the bendable stent, and it consists of two cylinders of metal that can be bent, and these cylinders are completely covered with medical silicone to ensure that the internal metal is very rigid during an erection, and the penis does not protrude forward except during the practice of the marital relationship.

During the practice of intimacy, the man places the stent in an erect state with his hand to place the stent in an erect state for the period the person wants, and he can practice intimacy any number of times as he wants, and he can ejaculate while performing his full functions.

After completing the relationship, the person returns the stent to its normal position and bends it, and is able to wear his clothes without noticing a protrusion in the penis

After 45 days of the surgery, he can return to life normally, to ensure that the wound and tissues are healed, and to ensure that his wife does not have any kind of genital infections.

The success rate of stent implantation exceeds 97%, but there are cases among the remaining 3% that fail for the following reasons:

The stent comes out of the penis.

Urinary tract infection is treatable.

Bacterial infections that cause the body to spit out the stent.