Peyronie's disease

Peyronie’s disease is what? What are its symptoms and causes that lead to it? How to diagnose it and its complications are presented to you by Curista Center.

What is a Peyronie's Disease?

It is a disease that affects men that leads to curvature of the penis or the length of the penis is shorter when erections occur, and it usually results from the presence of scar tissue growing inside the penis.

Some consider it a disease that affects men in old age as it appears after the age of 45, and there are some cases that do not feel any discomfort or any kind of pain when erecting.

Curvature of the penis to one of the sides, up or down.

Changes in the shape of the penis that prevent a person from having sexual intercourse.

A hard lump forms under the skin of the penis.

Pain when the penis is erected or when having an orgasm.

Erections are for short periods and cannot be for a long period of time.

The thickness of the penis has decreased significantly.

When an erection occurs, the penis appears shorter than its actual length.

Genetic causes: In some people, there may be a hereditary disease in the family.

The penis area is subjected to trauma: a person may suffer trauma to the penis area, causing internal bleeding in the tissues, which causes the penis to bend.

Taking some drugs and medicines: Some medicines may cause this disease if it is among the side effects of the drug.

– When complications occur, the penis is unable to have an erection completely.

Temporary sterility in some cases.

Severe pain that accompanies a man when having intercourse.

Psychological problems and stress for people with the disease.

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The stages of Al-Biruni are the severity of the curvature of the penis, as some of these bends and their degree prevent the ability to perform intimate

If the penis is tilted downward by 30 degrees or upwards by 40 degrees, sex can be practiced.

But if the penis is subjected to more degrees of curvature, there will be no ability for sexual intercourse.

When the penis is tilted to the right or left by 15 degrees or more, sexual intercourse can be performed.

If the curvature is more, there will be no ability for sexual intercourse.

Do a direct examination of the penis and make sure that there are any hard tissues or masses under the skin of the penis.

Take x-rays or ult+A150:B152rasound images.

The doctor asks the patient to bring pictures of the penis in case of erection.

Doing biopsies sometimes.

The directions and their negative impact on the degree and severity of curvature and direction of the penis are different.

Curvature up by 40 degrees, downward curvature by 30, and curvature of the penis to the right or left by 15 all allow the penis to be inserted into the female genital opening, and if the degrees of curvature are more then the man cannot perform sexual intercourse.

There are many and many methods What are the ways to treat Peyronie’s disease in Turkey?sed to treat this disease, and now we will mention them to you:

– Using the method of stretching and stretching the penis.

– In proportion to the severity of this disease, drugs are prescribed that restore the penis to its normal position, free of any deviation or curvature.

– Injecting the penis with autologous PRP.

Exposing the penis to ESWT waves, which are low-intensity sound waves.

The iontophoresis method is adopted in the treatment to suit each man.

Removal of scar tissue and its disposal by surgical operation.

A surgery performed by the doctor to restore the shape of the penis to normal.