PRP Autologous Plasma

PRP is one of the types of treatments that work to get rid of erectile dysfunction that affects men.

PRP is one of the types of treatments that work to get rid of erectile dysfunction that affects men.

It is an effective treatment to get rid of erectile dysfunction in men, and it is one of the safe treatments because plasma is one of the components of the human
body, where blood is drawn from the patient himself and then plasma is extracted from him, and from here there is no fear of any infection with infectious

Plasma is a liquid that is separated from the blood, and it is reached and obtained by placing the blood in a centrifuge to separate its components and then taking the plasma that has a high platelet count.

After the plasma is injected, the blood vessels regain their activity.

Stimulating the movement of blood flow to the penis, which leads to a hard erection of the penis.

The ability to have sexual relations with his partner again, which will restore confidence in himself.

At the beginning of the steps, blood is drawn from the man’s body.

The blood that was drawn is placed in a special device.

The phase of separating the components of the blood from each other begins.

Thirty minutes until the centrifuge machine is finished and plasma is obtained.

The man lies on his back.

Local anesthesia is used in the penis area.

The doctor begins by injecting the penis into the body and head.

Five minutes is enough time for the doctor to finish the injection.

Plasma is extracted from the blood of each person and is not used for others, so it is a very safe and easy treatment.

Also, this type of ED treatments is very fast, as it is possible to leave the center quickly and return to a normal life.

We always work to put the best prices between your hands and what suits your situation, and what are the related matters of services and the number of sessions, all of these things contribute to reducing or increasing costs.

We always offer a range of prices that suit every person, we guarantee that you will restore your confidence by returning to the practice of sexual intercourse and the ability to complete sexual intercourse without being exposed to an embarrassing situation or losing your ability to maintain an erection of the penis.