ESWT . shock waves

What is ESWT and what is the treatment for erectile dysfunction, how many treatment sessions? What is the duration of treatment and the most prominent conditions for doing this type of treatment for mild or severe erectile dysfunction.

Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction (ESWT)

The treatment is by using shock waves, which are low-intensity sound waves to get rid of erectile dysfunction or the inability to have intercourse and the reason is a decrease in the amount of blood flowing towards the penis.

The treatment is an increase in blood flow to the penis and this is as follows:

Increasing the strength of the blood vessels in the penis.

Growth and stimulation of blood vessels in the penis.

Getting rid of calcifications in the vessels of the penis.

Stimulating the growth of penis stem cells.

The method of treatment is to shed these waves on the bottom and stem of the penis and different areas of the penis, where the first steps are to put a special type of anesthetic gel on the penis and then move the device for a period ranging from 15 to 20 minutes on the penis stem, and in the meantime, the patient feels light pulses.

Before entering the treatment session, there are no things or preparations that the patient must do, and he can return to normal daily life after completing the session.

Anyone with severe or mild erectile dysfunction can do treatment sessions, and there are special cases of the disease, namely:

People who do not respond to some medications for erectile dysfunction.

Patients who do not wish to do any kind of surgery to treat erectile dysfunction.

It is a device that generates audio signals that are characterized by being of low intensity.

Tens of thousands of shock waves are sent to the penis and other areas in order to help it and stimulate it to move and flow blood through the blood vessels of the penis.

Initially, there is a treatment plan for any patient, but the most effective plans are two sessions per week for three weeks, then stopping treatment for a period of three weeks and then returning to completing the treatment sessions at the same rate, and there is also a plan that works on one session per week for six weeks.

The person can return to normal daily life and practice his usual activities after completing the session.

Dear man, do not worry about the erection of the penis, as by means of shock waves you can return to the practice of sexual relations and gain your self-confidence.

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