Kidney and Adrenal Surgeries

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplantation is done by a donor. It is not necessary for the donor to be alive, with the necessary tests done for him to avoid any complications of rejection from the patient’s body.

Kidney and adrenal surgeries, and kidney transplantation is done due to the complete failure of the kidneys to carry out normal functions and infection with many diseases.

The first steps are to sterilize the abdomen and make an incision in it, leading to the kidneys.

Elimination and removal of all renal blood vessels.

Removing the diseased kidney from its place.

Placing the healthy kidney in the pelvic cavity.

Connection of the renal blood vessels to the new kidney.

Ensure that the blood flows and reaches the kidneys.

– The ureter from the bladder to the patient.

Suture of membranes and tissues and wound dressing.

Taking special medications to suppress the immune system to prevent rejection of the transplanted kidney, and they are taken for long periods and in some cases, the medications are taken for life.

Take painkillers if the patient feels any pain.

Get rid of stitches and bandages a week after the operation.

In the following cases, the specialist doctor is informed, which are: a sudden rise in temperature, urinary retention, and a drop in blood pressure.

Carrying out medical examinations for the sick person.

A sick person must inform the doctor of the medications he is taking to know what medications should be discontinued.

Fasting for 8 hours before performing the transplant.